As we say goodbye to an amazing July, we say hello to August. We usually post our schedule a week ahead, but as we’ve been receiving a few messages asking us to tell us what’s going on further into the future, we’ve decided to release our entire schedule for August.

We’re hoping that August brings us some more of this amazing weather. Either way, we’ve got a great schedule lined up for you. We have a full music schedule featuring acts that have been here before as well as some newcomers.

We also have each of our monthly special food nights (burger night, surf n turf and paella)

Here’s what we’ve got coming up in August…

Friday 3rd August – Bert Miller

Sunday 5th – Amy and Ollie

amy and ollie torquay

Wednesday 8th – Paella Night

Friday 10th – Rich Cottell

Rich Cottell Musician

Sunday 12th – Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas Musician

Tuesday 14th – Surf N Turf Night

Wednesday 17th – Matt Sellors

Matt Sellors

Sunday 19th – Matilda

Matilda Bates

Tuesday 21st – Burger Night

Friday 24th – Roger Styles

Saturdday 25th – Matt & Jess (no image available)

Sunday 26th – Don’t Fret

Don't Fret Torquay

Monday 27th – Harbour

Harbour Torquay Band