Here at Below Decks we do our best to keep all of our customers entertained. This means we like to invite some of the area’s most talented musicians to our Torquay restaurant. We also hold regular special nights including our popular Paella Evening.

We are also in a prime location that means our customers can also enjoy some of the events at Torquay Harbour. Events are usually at the weekend, but check in here to see what we have going on at Below Decks.

20 Amazing Images of Torquay through the Years

This is a post by LinkJuiced - offering content marketing services to businesses. We're lucky enough to live in one of the UK's most historic seaside towns. Although it's always been one of the country's most popular places to come on holiday, it's changed massively...

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Torquay Attracts Worldwide Visitors this Summer

Anyone who lives in Torquay will tell you how popular our little seaside town is during the Summer. In the warmer months, the town centre and harbourside become bustling and full of visitors from many different places. Although Torquay is commonly known as a place...

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Torquay’s Amazing Sunset

Every now and again, we get a reminder of just how lucky we are to live in the English Riviera. Not only is Torbay one of the warmest places to live in the UK, but we're surrounded by some fantastic sights. No matter where you've been in the world, you can't help but...

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