Book a Party in Torquay

Below Decks is the perfect location for anyone wanting to book a party or event in Torquay.
If you’re looking for somewhere to host a small to medium sized party, Below Decks is the place. With our doors closed, we have space for 80 people to fit in comfortably (not everyone would be able to sit down though). With the doors open, we have space for many more – with two seating areas and lots of room for party goers.
If you’re looking to book a party in Torquay, Below Decks is in the perfect location. We are located at Beacon Quay on Torquay’s famous harbour, and we have some of the most beautiful sea views in all of Torbay.
Give us a call on 01803 411106 to find out more about booking a Torquay party at Below Decks.
We have hosted a number of different Torquay parties here at Below Decks, all a huge success. We’ve held birthday parties, retirement parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries and we are sure to give you and your loved ones a great celebration.

Book a Sit Down Meal in Torquay

If you’re planning on having a group sit down meal in Torquay instead of an all-out party, we can fit up to 40 people in the restaurant. We have a further 64 covers on our outside seating area too. A marquee can also be available on request.
We have our traditional menus, as well our specials (paella and surf n turf etc). It’s also possible for us to organise a set buffet for you and your party.

Book Christmas Dinner in Torquay

If you’re planning on taking your staff out on a Christmas Staff Party in Torquay, Below Decks is the perfect venue. If you’re looking to take staff for a meal or have a few drinks, get in touch with us. We’ll be able to work something out for you.